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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. those roads are wet driving in had a little windshield wiper action. good morning.
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here's live doppler the best radar returns along the east bay shore into the east bay hills around castro valley into the east bay valleys from crow canyon towards whip pull road down to 237 in the -- south bay, more wet weather along the coast through the santa cruz mountains heading for the southern parts of the peninsula and santa clara valleys all moving east southeast at about 30 miles per hour. a lot of drizzle, keeping the streets slick during the morning and waves of light rain during the morning commute. by the afternoon we'll just have an isolated chance of showers. if you are traveling the state today wet weather possible anywhere. so far we've been pretty good this morning. only had a couple accidents, they've been cleared, here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, delay-free. and also, i want to show you a live shot of the golden gate bridge. traffic is light around the bay area no accidents to slow
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you down. i will tell you where some traffic spotters are telling me where it is starting toííes slow. those wet roads we've been telling you about are believed to be a major factor in an over night crash in antioch that sent five to the hospital 10:00 last night. it was raining heavily three people in an suv collided with a car carrying two people. no word on the extent of injuries police and chp urging everyone to take it slow this morning. san francisco police asking for the public's help finding three men on anti-gay rampage in the city at least two attacks police say that may be just the beginning. terry mcsweeney is live in the castro district. >> reporter: one of the attacks happened here at market and gough. police are wondering if these two attacks are the only two that happened or just the only
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two they know about. they want everyone to look at the sketches of the three suspects. one hispanic, six feet, 170 pounds the other two latino or white, 5'7 to 5'10 and 150 pounds. it is interesting, that the suspects are described as having foreign or east coast accents but it is what they said that is tying them to the attacks. >> both incidents the suspects tacked the victims and yelled -- attacked the victims and yelled homophobic remarks. >> reporter: police are looking at these attacks as hate crimes if you recognize the suspects or if you have been attacked in a similar fashion police need to hear from you to get this investigation moving forward. you can call:
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575--- [ unintelligible ] we have developing news in oakland this morning. police have arrested 11 in a raid on a massive marijuana growing and distribution operation. police used flash bang grenades to end the large warehouse on 89th and g street at 9:30 last night they found more than 1,000 plants and several weapons. one woman and 10 men were taken into custody. also two pit bulls were taken by animal control. amy hollyfield is on the scene with the oakland police and will have more coming up. >> >> on the peninsula, san mateo police eight alert citizen for helping catch -- catch a pair of car thieves. officers were on patrol when a resident noticed two men trying door handles at an
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apartment complex. the officers responded, saw it and arrested two men described as transients. police are warning neighbors an to keep valuables out of sight and park in well lit areas. this morning more about that new case of mad cow disease in central california. we know the cow was 5-years-old and came from a dairy farm. the farm itself has not been identified. this is considered an atypical case of mad cow, meaning the animal didn't get it from eating tainted feed. investigators are trying to track down where the cow was born and find any offspring. health and food officials say the animal was never headed for human consumption and the flood supply is safe. nasa revealing more about that massive meteor eyewitness that fell to earth sunday morning. -- meteorite that fell to earth sunday morning. detonated with a force equal to a quarter energy released
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by the bomb dropped on hiroshima. space buffs are scouring fields in northern california for pieces of it. experts say there should be nasa say the fragments may contain rare an pino acids. nasa is asking for video that -- that captured the meteor as it streaked across the sky. we are going to keep reminding but that doyle drive closure this weekend that going to make computing tough for a lot of people. but the weather now. commuting tough now dealing with wet roads. latest radar return you can see around orrin dark moraga way, alhambra valley road into the east bay valleys into pleasanton, pleasant hill, walnut creek, concord, vallejo up to fairfield where we have light rain right now. good morning. let's talk about temperatures
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and the drizzle, temperatures mid to upper 50s steady toll lie rain throughout the morning commute. best -- light rain throughout the morning commute. best rain north, east, south of us next system coming in lower clouds still going to provide enough lift that will keep a scattered shower in the forecast. also a little sunshine. the big story, what affects all of us is the cooler weather from upper 50s along the coast to the low to mid 60s. rebound nicely tomorrow with sun, temperatures above average saturday through wednesday. good morning. wanted to take you to the abc7's exclusive waze traffic app to show you the first signs of slow down tracy westbound 205 mountain house reported minutes ago. we have folks in the area approaching the slow down, no
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one traffic spotter that's the person's name still moving at over 40 miles an hour. looks okay through the altamont pass. elsewhere i'm surprised it has been quiet despite the slick roads, good news for you. no major accidents to worry about yet. 680 walnut creek southbound towards highway 24 fine through the san ramon valley through the sunol grade. bay bridge toll, traffic light, no problems. 101 san rafael also looking good. fine north bay, south bay as well. you can find out for yourself while commuting by downloading our free traffic app, i feel comforted knowing frances will be here all weekend to guide people through that closure. the senate throws a lifeline to the struggling postal service. the money report, next. zipping from here to there
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in the east bay, the new plan to create a train on wheels. role a popular fruit may play in keeping our minds healthy as we get older. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil m=tade with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ?
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the federal reserve reports cautious optimism. the fed will keep rates near zero through 2014 and will add stimulus if needed tax hikes and spending cuts slated for
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january could trigger a double dip recession. that's what has happened in britain after two straight quarters of negative growth austerity measures have not boosted the economy now back in recession. the senate threw a lifeline to the postal service voting to refund 11 billion dollars from a retirement that preserved saturday deliveries and hundreds of post offices for now. the measure now goes to the house. that is america's money. 5:12. ac transit approved a 150 million dollar bus rapid transit project. the project will cover a nine mile route from downtown oakland to the san leandro bart station. bus was arrive every five minutes during weekdays because of bus-only lanes and special passenger loading zones developers say it will be like a railway on wheels. the project will be completed in 2015. treasury secretary geithner is in san francisco today to speak at the mark
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hopkins hotel. he will discuss the safety u.s. and global economies he's expected to argue the u.s. has made significant progress for its economic recovery in the last three years despite a series of external shocks to the economy. a tech company has new ed hearters in morning in san francisco, drop-box announced its arrival near at&t park yesterday. the company has 100 workers but planning to expand. the new headquarters has room for 550 employees. >> we've lived here for four years moved from boston it has been a great experience people from all over the world are creative and love building things. >> i've gotten you involved, twitter, zynga, sales force, zeus, all of you are involved in a great partnership rip with the city. >> drop-box provides a free service that allows users to store documents, photos and videos online. it faces new competition from
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another company google launched google drive it is online -- pentagon says it may cut up to 24,000 troops and 5,000 officers as part of budget cuts military facing nearly a half trillion in spending reductions as the wars in iraq and afghanistan wind down. democrats and republicans agree legislation is needed to keep student loan interest rates from doubling but can't agree on how to pay the six billion dollar price tag. the house is set to vote friday on a ran plan to make cuts in the president's health care plan to keep interest rates at 3.4%. a bill in the senate would pay for it with new payroll taxes. tobacco giants r.j. reynolds and philip morris -- looking to defeat prop 29
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which would boost the tax on cigarettes by another dollar. the tobacco industry plans to keep a low profile during the campaign but will contribute heavily to those trying to defeat it. anti-tax groups are expected to speak out against the measure. you like berries? it could help prevent dementia according to harvard researchers. strawberries and blue berris appear to slow -- cognitive decline in women. one cup of strawberries and half cup of blueberries per week. both fruits contain a compound call flavanoids rich in antioxidants and prevent inflammation. experts believe inflammation and stress contribute to
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dementia. light rain, drizzle, and slick streets. during the afternoon and evening easier to get around. coming up on 5:16 you can see ponding on the roads nearly a quarter of an inch of rain in downtown san francisco. best radar returns on the peninsula into the santa cruz mountains, east bay shore into solano county. mainly moving east southeast at 25 to 35 miles per hour. looks like from san mateo down the peninsula, you could see light rain. moving from the east bay shore too the east bay valleys into the diablo range steady rain continues for the next half hour to 45 minutes. quarter of an inch at st. helena, san francisco, 2/10 concord live more. redwood city and cupertino nearly half inch, you received the most that is very unusual.
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gives you an idea how unusual the storm is coming from the southeast. mid to upper 50s that's how you should dress this morning with the wet weather not only here but around the monterey bay and your inland neighborhoods. morning drizzle and rain, chance of isolated shower during the afternoon, brighter and dry tomorrow spring warmth that means a little above average sunday, monday, tuesday afternoons. low to mid 60s mostly we will see during the afternoon with a few pockets of sun, clear lake and half moon bay could be in the upper 50s. monterey bay low to mid 60s, mid 60s inland. best chance of a shower during the afternoon will be around your neighborhoods. tonight everything clears out and schools significantly look at 30s, upper 30s cloverdale, santa rosa low to mid 40s inland, mid to upper 40s bay shore to the coast patchy fog possible overnight. here's what happened while were you sleeping lows to the
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south where it is taking most of the rain moving east moisture plume is also moving to the east that's why we are seeing the healthiest rain now in the sierra not hooking up with the cold front. if those two came together we could expect another round of showers this morning because they are not, just isolated showers during the afternoon. with the rain tapering as we head towards 9:00, 10:00, cold front moving through, noon into 3:00, , we can see scattered light shower once we get past 5:00, it is gone. temperatures back to average tomorrow, slightly above average away from the coast saturday and near 80 inland, sunday, monday and tuesday with mid 70s around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. have a great day, here's frances. even though we've had slick roads not many accidents. you have seen all the signs about the big doyle closure.
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live shot of the golden gate bridge, traffic fine now but will be a mess this weekend. closure starts friday 8:00 to monday morning 5:00. even though they are letting folks on to 19th avenue and park presidio they are recommending you avoid the bridge and head over to the richmond san rafael bridge. right now 101, southbound heading towards 580. and we could see extra traffic this weekend with folks take the richmond san rafael bridge and then heading to the bay bridge heading westbound 80 through berkeley towards the bay bridge right now to delays around the bay area and westbound 80 a little crowded now overall looking good. i want to show you the waze traffic app this is a great tool to have to help you decide on what your alternate or detour should be. i've seen things backed up here when some traffic spotters are moving along 19th avenue a crawl at five miles per hour, even on the
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weekend. right now in commuter moving around 25 miles an hour. right now there aren't any delays. but i bet this weekend it will be jammed packed. they are recommending heading over to the richmond san rafael or bay bridge and avoid that all together. you can download this free app by going to 5:20. it decision-day, next nfl teams make their picks, next the local lucky quarterback -- solving a mystery, the personal struggle forcing a giants' star to take a break from baseball. i
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good morning. it is wet out there you are looking at a live picture of traffic on i-680 in the walnut creek area near north main taillights heading southbound. we'll have an update on the traffic and the weather where the rain is coming up in a couple of minutes. a few political ups. abc news has learned newt gingrich will officially suspend his campaign next tuesday and will likely endorse mitt romney. in the meantime, president obama will officially kickoff his bid for a second term next week. this is newt in this video. president obama as we said will officially kickoff his campaign next week. his first trip will be to ohio, then virginia two key
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battleground states. nfl draft begins in new york today. one team is relying on luck. no -- andrew luck will be the number one pick by the colts. the colts finished last season with more losses than any other team. their future hall of famer quarterback is in denver, manning the topic in 1998. while all the attention locally has been on luck the 49ers will have the 30th pick in the first round raiders don't have any first round picks. huff is expected to return to the team this weekend after suffering an anxiety attack that forced him to leave the team and landed him on the 15 day disabled list he left the team without explanation during the road trip back east last weekend. in recent weeks he struggled with his performance at the plate and on the field, remember that, the chronicle reports giants' manager says huff is expected to address
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the issue when he returns to san francisco. >> the giants hope to an individual a sweep -- be on the wrong end of a sweep in cincinnati today. zito pitched several strong innexts left in the 7th after giving up a solo homerun. the reds ended up scoring three more runs and win the game 4-2. a's dramatic win in front of the hometown fans. two run homer in the 14th, tied the game at four, three batters later, blooper to left, fair, smith scores and the game is over a's win 5-4 in 14. >> new place to catch katie couric, the web. starting next tuesday she will be hosting a weekly program on yahoo. she will talk about news, social trends, health and parenting, a little of everything. the show is being produced by abc where her afternoon tv talk show will debut this
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fall. yahoo is launching several other programses -- programs. we 10 to follow developing news in oakland where police -- we continue to follow developing news in oakland where police still on the scene of a drug raid live with what they found and the dozen people they've arrested. airport security screeners busted. the dangerous contraband they are accused of intentionally letting through security check points. mid to upper 50s around seattle, portland, great lakes, low to mid 60s boston and new york. washington, st. louis and seattle mid 70s. everybody else in the 80s and 90s as you head south. all major airports on time. there is weather heading to the east coast. we have weather here on the west coast which could cause delays. our flight tracker at at the bottom.
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it is thursday, 5:29, thank you for starting your day with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. drizzle, light rain, that's what we have for the
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morning commute. as we come up on 5:30 rain moving through the santa cruz mountains peninsula mountains towards the shoreline. better radar returns in the east bay from antioch, pittsburg, bay point done con record, call nut --pró concord, walnut creek. golf links road, moraga some of the areas wet now all highway ms. the higher elevations peninsula wet towards -- looks like cupertino over the next half hour or so. it is going to be here for the entire morning commute. let's find -- so far it has been so quiet on the chp screen i'm trying to make sure my compute working. only one accident early this morning in san mateo and that cleared quickly. live shot of the bay bridge toll minor back-up for some of the cash paying lanes good through 680 walnut creek you
5:31 am
saw light rain falling through the area roads could be a little slick be extra careful and give yourself extra time. mass transit looking good, bart, caltrain, ace and muni, no major delays 5:31. developing news, a raid at a major marijuana growing operation, police have spent all night search ago east oakland warehouse where they made arrests and confiscated a stunning amount of marijuana plants and weapons. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: they just wrapped up here at 89th avenue and g street. check out their haul. we just saw this pick-up truck leaving the back of it full of garbage bags full of evidence. they left 15 minutes ago. police say they found more than 1,000 marijuana plants and the smell here was very strong. they described it as a very sophisticated operation inside this warehouse. they arrested 11 people, 10
5:32 am
inside and one who was trying to drive way in total, 10 men and one woman. and they took two pit bulls into custody. police say they also found several weapons. i asked police if this was possibly being grown for medicinal purposes? they say they don't think so. no postings here suggesting a dispensary. i asked if this is an illegal street crime operation? they said it was more major they said they can't he lab this is an ongoing -- elaborate in is an ongoing investigation so more arrests are possible. i did see a poster, hoods, california's most hated established in 1995. oakland is the lead agency, 30 officers were involved in the bust agents from the drug enforcement agency came out.fh>% when they got here they aggressively made an entrance, busted through this gate that you see behind me, broke it
5:33 am
down and used flash bang grenades to get in they wanted it to be swift and safely as possible no one was hurt in this bust. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in marin county two novato marijuana dispensaries are the latest targets green tiger on redwood boulevard shutdown tuesday after prosecutors filed papers to seize the property from the landlord. the green door next door but has a different owner remains open but that landlord has also been targeted. many pot clubs are not medicinal, part of a large for profit marijuana industry. four current and former airport screeners are behind bars this morning charged with taking bribes to let drugs through check points. the big question is what else would they have let through? katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: a scary thought. we know there are people out
5:34 am
there who want to cause harm on airplanes. it is two current and two former tsa agents from l.a.x. arrested. this is a photo of one arrest the agent in the middle. they are facing federal drug trafficking and bribery charges for allowing pounds and pounds of meth, marijuana and other drugs to pass through l.a.x. for a fee up to $2400 a pop. it makes you wonder who else might find an ally in trying to get something more dangerous than drugs on to your next flight. >> we've known for years terrorist groups have tested systems to see if they can use these same challenge -- channels into the drug smugglers use. >> reporter: it happened over a six month period last year agents set up a sting operation after one attempt was botched last february. the 22-count indictment covers five incidents of smuggling. the four agents face a minimum
5:35 am
of 10 years in prison. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a new poll out this morning shows possible voter disconnect in the early stages of the campaign behind governor's tax plan and school funding cuts. supporters of the measure to hike taxes on high income earners hope to submit enough signatures to qualify for the november ballot. a poll shows at this point favor the governor's tax plan at the same time nearly 80% of californians oppose the five billion dollars in so-called triggered cuts to schools if the state if the tax plan does not pass. this morning animal officials in the north bay hope to find the driver of a pick up who dragged a dog last week. the puppy named freeway survived.
5:36 am
his rear leg had to be amputated. his rescuers saw the dog dangling from the pick-up truck with a rope around his neck. >> the rope broke and he fell on the ground and flipped i don't know how many times and slammed on the side of the freeway wall. the guy didn't stop, put on the brakes, nothing he just kept going. >> how do you not feel a dog flapping on the side of your car it is horrible. >> freeway's recovery should take a month then he will be up for adoption. anyone who knows anything about in dog or that chevy pick-up truck is being asked to call animal services. humane society is paying for freeway's surgery but there are many other expenses if you would like to help go to and look under see it on tv. he looks remarkably well, considering what happened. >> he's got love now. >> right. he's going to get plenty. time for a look at the
5:37 am
weather forecast, wet roads, rainy skies. >> absolutely. here's another look at live doppler. good morning. 5:43, palo alto ought to be receiving some rain in about six minutes or so. another wave of light rain moving across the peninsula into the south bay over the next half hour to 45 minutes. visibilities have dropped since last hour only santa rosa, novato, live more and san jose and mountain view reporting 10 which means they are getting drizzle at best everybody else drizzle to light rain down five miles visibility in concord. winds 13 miles per hour out of the west in napa, 14 in oakland, southwest at 12 hayward being west at 16 at sfo, northwest wind at eight at half moon bay winds switch from a southerly component to northwest this afternoon that's why it going to be cooler today than yesterday.
5:38 am
temperatures in the 50s through the 8:00 hour. by noon breaks if the clouds most of the -- breaks in the clouds most of the shower activity isolated upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. partly sunny afternoon with a stray shower possible especially around the monterey bay, mid 50s along the coast to upper 50s to low 60s around the bay shore low to mid 60s inland. temperatures below average today. back to average tomorrow with a warming trend and a drying trend temperatures above average away from the coast saturday, through tuesday. good morning frances. good morning. still accident-free on bay area freeways at this point. we start in the north bay and work south. here's 101 in san rafael, southbound traffic flowing well down to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. find out of novato. check out the san mateo bridge in liveva8 shot, mike was tellg us visibility has dropped you can see it here across the san mateo bridge. so far, no major trouble this morning across the span, 880
5:39 am
still fine in hayward 101 good in san mateo. san jose 280 and 17 interchange, headlights are northbound 280 and this is 17 coming right out of the santa cruz mountains. there is slowing in the east bay, i can show you with the exclusive waze traffic app. someone reported a complete standstill westbound 580 near the dublin interchange that was 15 minutes ago traffic moving at 30 within miles an we have quite a few traffic spotters who avoids that stretch. you can find out what the speeds are on any road if there's a traffic spotter who has turned the app on, go to to download it for free. 5:39. next, we talk more about the weekend doyle drive closure we have what you need to know to navigate the challenges of getting to and from san francisco over the
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golden gate bridge with the latest information. gold rip-off that has cost bay area victims thousands. there's a photo that police want you to see before a con man strikes again. ♪
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good morning. police in the east bay say they are close to catching a suspect who say -- who they say has been conning people out of buying fake gold bars
5:43 am
from them. accused of swindling an elderly woman out of $7,000. the bar looks similar to bars sold to a woman in sacramento in 2010. police say the sales usually takes place in the parking lot of a shopping center and the victims are elderly. >> they tell this tale of he would and how their family member needs medical care and they need money quickly and they are willing to sell gold bar or bars to the person so they can raise money. >> the suspect offers the fake bold bar at a discounted price and accompanies the victim a bank to complete the sale the victim didn't realize the bar is a fake until it is appraised. in the past two years, six victims from bakersfield to chico have come forward, including one woman in salinas. the salinas woman lost $9,000. >> brace yourself for gridlock if you plan to cross the golden gate bridge doyle drive
5:44 am
closing for construction starting tomorrow night. drivers are being warned to steer clear of the area. the closure begins at 8 p.m. and will allow crews to demolish the existing doyle drive a seismic retrofit was rejected because the structure had such a low safety rating. the primary alternate route is 19th and park presidio beautiful. local traffic go go through the presidio and the richmond and rafael bridge is another option. to get a heads up on any problems download the waze app and become a traffic spotter. it is available through itunes or on the android market. milk, cheese, even ice cream prices may be about to drop. bloomberg business report is coming up. heart-stopping moment a a crumpled car with a family inside dangles off the side of a california freeway. we'll reveal how all this
5:45 am
loot wound up along oakland's lake merritt and how its rightful owner got it back. >> if you want a lottery ticket you might want to do it now. the shutdown that could leave players high and dry this weekend.
5:46 am
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radar active high elevation snow in the sierra
5:48 am
northwest corner of the state scattered showers around southern california that's the way it is going to stay this afternoon, temperatures below average everywhere mid to upper 60s central valley, warm spot palm springs 79, tahoe 48. 5:48. a group call the whale entanglement team plans to search for an injured gray whale by air and boat this morning off the monterey coast. they've been chasing the whale for more than a week. two days ago tourists on whale-watching excursions spotted the wail south of big sur they knew it was the same -- the whale because rescuers managed to attach three brightly colored buoys. crews from several groups say they have a good idea where they will find the whale today. if the air in the bay area seems cleaner it is not your imagination.
5:49 am
the american lung association is taking the region off its list of the 25 most polluted regions in the u.s.. the organization stated the air report says northern california has seen huge reductions in exhaust and soot. california is still as a whole one of the most polluted states in the nation. mystery of the bags of jewelry solved. the s were discovered by children helping to cleanup the lake. the owner lost the bags. the youngsters who discovered them are students at st. paul's episcopal school. the owner wants to meet the kids and thank them in an appropriate way. warriors end their season at home tonight when they host the spurs a lucky ticket holder will have a chance to win a million dollars. part of a halftime shooting contest. tuesday a fan won $25,000, see
5:50 am
how happy he s by making this shot from half court. look at it, -- tonight a ticket holder can try to win a million dollars by draining the bucket from further out with a 3/4 court shot. i guess going from half court to 3/4 court, about 10 times more difficult. >> at least. >> the reward is right. >> congratulations, the rest of us riding the storm out we gotta roll with the changes. we still have a rocky mountain winter storm but we have rain outside. >> raining buckets. >> couldn't think of anything else. are yo speed wagon. -- congratulations to him you know the insurance company definitely knows the percentage between half court and 3/4 of them making that shot. good morning having a little fun, hopefully, you will too on this thursday, wet outside, streets slick, by the afternoon sunshine, the
5:51 am
commute home won't be as taxing as the commute to work this morning. there you are looking from emeryville towards sfplts if -- towards san francisco, east bay shoreline into the sees bay valleys with rain all moving east southeast 25 to 30 miles per hour. rainfall totals most impressive, redwood city and cupertino unusual. usually you have the least amount because of rain fade due to the mountains with the want we had yesterday you received a lot of rain half an inch there, quarter inch in san jose, 2/10 concord and livermore, also oakland napa a 10th after inch. right now mid to upper 50s not only here but also around the monterey bay. today morning drizzle and rain and isolated shower during the afternoon hours. brighter and much drier
5:52 am
tomorrow even warmer but you will feel the spring warmth sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures above average in many neighborhoods. today a brief pull-back thanks to the cold front from alaska santa rosa 65. san francisco 60. concord and oakland will drop 8 to 9° compared to yesterday. san jose and fremont, 64 and 62, 11 and 12° cooler than yesterday. coolest weather along the coast half moon bay 58, clear lake 57, everybody else in the low to mid 60s during the afternoon. best chance after afternoon shower will be around the monterey bay and inland mostly cloudy sky, low to mid 60s. clouds fade with the sunset tonight around 7:55 or so that will open us up to that cool weather behind the front upper 30s cloverdale, santa rosa patchy fog inland valleys possible know to mid 40s -- low to mid 40s most of the
5:53 am
inland valleys. over the last 10 hours moving -- low moving into southern california pushing the moisture source off to the east. it hasn't quite hooked up with this cool front that's why i think we are seeing the best and steadiest rain this morning when the front comes through not going to have much moisture just an isolated shower. here you go with the rain through 9:00, 10:00, scattered showers with weakening cold front tomorrow temperatures jump two to six degrees back to average. then 70s away from the coast saturday and even 80s inland sunday, monday, tuesday. have a great day. light showers seem to be not a big problem for commuters this morning. haven't had that many accidents at all. here the bay bridge toll, things still look great, minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes. the ride across the golden gate bridge, no problems now. this is going to be a big traffic jam this weekend with the doyle drive closure. i'll be here this weekend to
5:54 am
keep track of that for you as well and show you alternate routes there is a slow down westbound 580 out of the altamont pass towards 680 drive time 22 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze that time is still 19 minutes looking good there. but, the slowest spot now in the bay area is westbound 4 antioch we can see you that with the waze traffic app, nine minutes ago a traffic spotter reported heavy traffic and it is pretty heavy things are slowing to 11, 18 miles per hour. once you get past somersville it looks better, 34 miles into pittsburg. you can have this information when you want it, when you are commuting, is the place to go. this just in, latest unemployment numbers, the labor department says last week the number of applicants for jobless benefits remained the same as the week before near a three month high. analysts say it is a sign that
5:55 am
employers have stepped up lay-offs and added fewer jobs. >> here's jane king. the senate has delivered the postal service a lifeline voting to give access to billions more in cash to keep things going a few months longer the issue heads to the house which has to act by mid may to keep thousands of post offices and processing facilities open. critics call the move a spending binge. good news for people struggling to put food on the take, milk price i may be about to drop citing warmer than usual weather and record milk production. seaworld getting greener vowing to eliminate plastic shopping bags with the year. more than a million tons of trash makes its way into the ocean each year endangering wildlife, including sea turtles who eat the bags thinking they are jellyfish. a mendocino county prosecutor under investigation after police say they
5:56 am
discovered a marijuana growing operation at his home. officers found 150 plants growing inside the home that deputy district attorney sergio fuentes shares with his mom. the case is still under investigation and so far no arrests have been made. however, fuentes has been put on paid leave. better get your lotto tickets now if you are feeling luck kitsch the california lottery is -- lucky. the california lottery is doing maintenance this weekend starting 10:00 saturday night customers will not be able to purchase any lottery products. amazing rescue after an s crashed too a barrier in southern california -- after an suv crashed into a barrier in southern california. caltrans workers positioned a forklift under the car=l to secure it because as you saw it was dangling over the side of the 805 freeway.
5:57 am
a 66-year-old grandmother died. the four others in the car, including an 8-year-old boy are all expected to survive. this morning, we are fast approaching a milestone of sorts for the new world trade center. rebirth in this time lapse video monday construction is expected to surpass the height of the empire state building in manhattan that means the area destroyed on 9/11 will again host the tallest building in new york city. when the building is completed next year it will be 49 feet taller than the one brought down by terrorists. >> like a phoenix rising from the ashes. just ahead, the unusual request nasa is making of everyone as it continues to search for pieces of a meteorite. >> new details on the town discovered to have mad cow in the central valley. >> reporter: i'm live in
5:58 am
san francisco, police are looking for three suspects who have been going around beating up gay men. police are wondering if these guys haven't committed more crimes than they know about the story coming up in a live report.
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